Senin, 10 Mei 2010

English was my fav subject, long time ago..

Nowadays english is extremely important languange, not nowadays but ago too

When i was in Junior High School, english was one of my fav subject, i got best score in rapor.yeah we studied simple words, simple questions like the kindergarten studying now..

When i was in Senior high school, i still like english but not as big as when in junior high school, maybe bcause i got english course in SMP althougt it wasnot famous place like LIA ..

When i was in university, english only 4 sks, it was in first and second semester..
After that i never involved with english, except with toefl test. Oo im forget , i ever got toefl course 2 years ago,but i diddnt take it seriously,didnt finish the course because my busy job..

Beside i'llhave to present my presentation in english 50 days later, i really2 want to study english...

So star with writing blog,tweeting,and chatting in english

Sorry with my bad grammar..
And u'r welcome to give any comment about some wrong grammar in ths posting

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icitluvnesta mengatakan...

wuiizz.. why your presentation in english? do you will get a scholarship? *melotot*

doena mengatakan...

nope, its kind of the last task in my job training that i've followed about 2 weeks ago, make minithesis min 30 papers and present it in english presentation,there are 4 examiner. yeah like tesis or skripsi but in english *dead me*

untill now i have no idea to write it..

u4_ mengatakan...

buruan daftar yuk... hadiahnya gede..
Hadiah :
# juara 1 >> Trophy + setrifikat + uang senilai Rp 700.000,-
# juara 2 >>Trophy + setrifikat + uang senilai Rp 500.000,-
# juara 3 >> Trophy + setrifikat + uang senilai Rp 300.000,-

pendaftar belum banyak... buat yang pemula sangat besar kemungkinan buat menang... buruan daftar...

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