Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

Soeman Hs Library

Hei hei we’ve been met again in this blog, actually its hard for me to ngeblog in English but I ‘ll try to do it, I hope u can catch what I tell. ofcourse u could, i just use very simple vocab with messy grammar:p.

Well, it occured on last saturday, Saturday was weekend. Weekend means that leyeh2 day . Trying to make this weekend becomes different than before, so I went to library. The mission was getting any inspiration..

It was called Soeman HS library,like the people have said, This library is the most luxurios library in indonesia (I mean the building) ..

I wont tell u about the book’s collection or the novels collection there. Actually iam not a booklover. About novel im not interested if the novel is thick. Maybe the thickest novel that I ever read is “negeri 5 menara” have u read it?(is it thick ?:P)This novel is better than "laskar pelangi".Using easy word,and make me read word by the word not quick read alias dilingkau-lingkaui(baca acak) :p. U should believe in me although its a testimony from not abooklover .

Oke back to the topic, I wanna tell u about what I see generally inthis place..
I believe Soeman Hs Library in Pekanbaru is the most luxurious library Indonesia although I just ever go to my university library and local library in padang. Don’t u believe it? Ok, I'll show it...

side view

side view

top view, u can see its looklike an openbook

detail roof, using metalroof ex kalzib.Finishing colomn and beam are using aluminium composit panel

back view, full of raised relief, tell about melayu2

so How do you think? agree with me?It is beauiful,isnt it?

although it was built by one of my company competitors but i adore it..

well now i'll ask u to see inside..
what is it in this library

1. Lobby

Lobby in the first floor .There are also children library ,newspaper room, cafe, registration room in this fist floor

2. Children library

It is children library , someday i will ask my children go to thisplace? Its eductive recreation.what the children? yeah, its means more than one?..yaya i'm still lajang now :p

3. Cafe

4. Newspaper room

4. Conference room

5.Discussion room

take place at the middle of reading room. People can discuss anything without disturb anyoneelse.
Its like a soundproof room , with thick glass walls

6. Reading Room and book collection

Some of empty racks...

Hotspot in reading room and all of library area..

7. Bilik Melayu

8. Audiovisual room

9. Special Collection room

10.Language development room

11. many other room..

The floor is clean and shiny, i found cleaning service everywhere..

Because the floor is clean and shiny, i found many people sitting on the floor , see in this pic below:

Look at the corner of racks

Those women make their assignment on thefloor, between racks

or this sweet thing ...

and how about this?

feel like home:p , this is in the corner of bookracks also

and this is the correct place... I dont know why those people prefer to sit on the floor than in the empty seat...

Somehow, I really wanna be the book lover like my boss n my friends, but until now I still think that wasting time to read novel *don’t be protes*. I know books are the window world but I know internet is the door world ,so which is wider :p

Yeah, at the last with this luxurious library , i hope everyone especially in Pekanbaru can be a lover of books...., including me.

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hilma mengatakan...

whether this is made by PP?? so you go there for the pictures, not reading :p

doena mengatakan...

hehehe,This is the first visit. so i just want to see see..
in the second visit, i'll read the books :p
you know, it's one of my efforts to be abooklover

Anonim mengatakan...

kayaknya nama pustakanya bukan Suman HS deh, tapi Soeman HS...cmiiw

salam kenal.....

doena mengatakan...

sory isech... typo :p
salam kenal,di pku juga ya?

Anonim mengatakan...

huehehe..iyah di pekanbaru juga, merantau..temennya apis kan? aku dapat linknya dari dia, kemarin dia habis pamer blog barunya :))

kobinkorner mengatakan...

amazing ...
but I'm sure you agree with me ... This is a monumental work of my good friend ......
Sudarto !!!!

doena mengatakan...

@kobinkorner : ya ya..
A friend who always says: “dahsyat…ndi” :p
u must be proud become his friend :)

Lily Riani mengatakan...

i've hyperlinked this entry to my blog if you dont mind :)

doena mengatakan...

@lily with my pleasure