Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

hey.. iam in a good mood

I dont know what has made me in a good mood today..
1. Are u in a relax job? mean not doing hard job
nope, im extremely busy, now at 11.45 pm still in doffice..
2. Have you got sallary?
nope, its still 26 may. As usual sallary comes in the 27th day
3. Have u got bonus? or mid year incentive
nope,its still may
4. Win the quiz?
No no no, I was destined never to win a quiz
5. Did you meet someone?
nope, i just in the office today,just meet the same people
6. Maybe,got something call?
no, i just got a call from supliyer and sub today
7.Got surprising?
nope, today isnot my birthday
8. Was the lunch so delicious?
yes, its a chicken balado. but yesterday was more delicious than today,it was "dendeng" my fav food. So i think its not the reason why iam happy now
9. No boss?
My office today is full of big boss.although no boss,no efect for me, never been afraid on him..
10. u have had agood internet connection?
No, yesterday was better
11. Have u got arisan?
Yes, i have, but it was 4 month ago..
12. oo, maybe about ur twitter?
not so, my timeline makes me smile2 but yesterday was the same..
13. U've got any inspirations to finish ur job final assignment?
nope, the progress is still 0%, i havenot found the idea
14. Did you hear a nice song?
nope, i just listened not "gue banget song" from the ob's room..
15. Maybe you got nice chitchat on ym or skype?
nope my ym and sype are offline today


Nothing special today, but i just feel in a good mood
sometime we dont need any reasons to feel happy

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