Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

evita nuh, bagi-bagi buku ..

Hellooo kawans , how are u?
me? iam fine, thankyou :p
Time is running very fast, honestly i dont like it..

it was about 1 month after my previous posting, no ideas?
nope,many ideas are running in my brain, and because of too many, i cant write anything...*alesan*.

Well, in this posting, i will introduce to all of u all one of my fav fashion blog.
this is it http://jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com/
Her name is evita nuh

click the link , and u can find how amazing she is..
i repeat again,it is amazing for 9 years old little girl write a blog like these. She is 11 years old now, and start writing a blog since she was 9 yearsold. Maybe iam too old to be her blog reader , but its okey,

When the first time i found this blog, i doubt, and think if this blog was written by her mom or sisters not her. How could 9 years old wrote a great blog using english and i found many greatest quotes from famous people in the world. yeah she is awesome

Btw what are u doing in 9 years old?hmmm, me? i read bobo magazines,played kelereng ,orang2an, gambar2, petak umpet and many games. okey okey, if i compare in present ,maybe if iam 9 years old now, i cant write a blog like hers. Stop underestimating my self. Now i will inform u, if Evita Nuh will give 3 books for her blog reader..yay

what book is it?
it is Teen Vogue Handbook
a kind of fashion book for teenager or fashion worker. Evita said :The cool thing is, the book contain a quote, a tricks and tips from fashion expert! like Marc Jacob, Anna Wintour! and many more! . it's sooo coool! and many cool pictures too. one word. Inspiring

well, okey do you think iam too old to read this book?or not get in fashion?

yeah although iam not a a teenager anymore, not a fashion worker, not fashionable, but i am a woman, love to read fashion magazine and love seeing people around me wearing a good fashion...

so why did i participate in this giveaway? because i have a little sister, she is ateenager and love fashion, iam sure 500% she must be like it. so this book will be given to her *hmm how a good sister iam*

so what must u do to be awinner?
There are 3 books, one book willbe given for who comment this in the first place and had followed the rules. Today, is 29 july,if u give any comment today, ofcourse ur comment is not in the first place, and just to inform u,iam in the second place, yayy. and praying ,people in the first place will be eliminated cause not follow the rules *senyum licik*. one of the rule is having ablog/ twitter:p.
But dont worry, there are still 2 books, will be given to the best comment in her giveaway posting..

fo more information click this
this giveaway will close on 1 August 2010, the last date to send a comment is 31 July. so what are u waiting for, go..

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Josh Healy mengatakan...

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Anonim mengatakan...

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